About our Retreats

Edwina & Becky connected souls through their mutual respect and love for Mother Gaia. Mother Gaia always has and always will ; provide natures medicine for us to heal ourselves, physically, mentally and spiritually; We are part of her just as she is part of us.


At a Guided Soul Retreat you'll find yourself immersed in the sounds of the Australian Bush or the vibrations of the Ocean. Mama Gaia holding you, allowing you to fully exhale and come home to yourself. During the retreats you will aid the creation of a non-judgemental community of wild women. The women of a Guided Soul Retreat desire connection to their own sacred feminine and also encourage a soulful connection back to the ancient tradition of creating sacred circle where wild women can share wisdom as we have done since the beginning of time. 

A time to let go to be nourished, soulfully.

Experience daily yoga with reiki healing, guided meditation, foraging & field adventures, embodied movement, learn the craft of making tools to support your spiritual practice, soulful fire chats, vegetarian meals and an abundance of time for self reflection to just simply be.




Becky Lawson

Becky is a Reiki Master, with over 25 years experience.  She is a healer intuitive of the universal energy of Reiki.


Becky offers you tools to empower you to reconnect and integrate with your body, mind and soul.

She will guide you to prioritise your own healing, self care, energy protection and energetic cleansing rituals.

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Edwina Peden

Edwina is here to empower you with holistic tools, skills & ritual. 


Connecting you to your divine wild feminine, to feel grounded, to live well and create freedom.


Edwina has been working in the wellness realm for 5 years.  Leaning on Mama Gaia's gifts of essential oils, creativity and mediation.


Inviting you to come home to yourself.

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